Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

College timing

College timings are from 9.00 A.M to 04.30 P.M. students are not permitted to enter in to the campus after 9.00 A.M. and are also not allowed to leave the college before 04.30 P.M. during the college hours visitors are strictly not entertained to meet the students.

Dress code

All the students inside the campus should be neatly dressed. All the boys are expected to wear self coloured pants with their shirts neatly tucked in. They should wear shoes only (Sports shoes and Slippers are not permitted). Girls should wear Salwar Kameez with V shaped dhupata pinned on either sides of the shoulder.

Identity card

Each student will be provided with an Identity Card with his/her name and photo with their proper details. They should wear the Identity Card inside the campus and while traveling in the college bus.

Note :
  • Smoking or other forms of consumption of tobacco will not be permitted inside the campus.
  • Students should not carry the cell phones; it found with cell phones severe action will be taken.
  • Boys and girls should not wear any costly gold ornaments in the college campus.

Leave regulations

For medical leave, the Medical Certificate should be enclosed along with the leave letter signed by the parent

  • Leave letter should be submitted on the previous day itself with the parent’s signature.
  • Leave letter should be submitted on the first day of leave through anyone of his/her friends.
  • Parents may make a phone call to the office and inform the respective attendance in charge, regarding their ward’s leave.
  • For medical leave, the Medical Certificate should be enclosed along with the leave letter, signed by the parent.

All requisition letters for leave, medical certificate, permission, hostel matters including permission and leave should be addressed to the Principal. Students should take prior permission before absenting himself from the class, failure of which will be viewed seriously and the parents will be informed of the same.