Chairman's message

Dear parents and students,

My heartiest congratulations for your great success in the school final examinations students!

Education is a very important contributing element to both social mobility and economic development of a country. Technological progress in the last few decades in communication, transportation and information has helped to eliminate national barriers and create a global market place. At Kingston Engineering College our mission is to provide you a quality education and aliveness and edify from the eclipse of illiteracy by providing more eventualities for unfulfilled dreams.

Furthermore, we aim to provide an academically exhilarating environment allowing our students to enjoy a first-class educational and social experience which encourages students to develop confidence, self-motivation, research and problem-solving skills and more importantly independent and innovative thinking.

When combining these aspirations, we believe that graduates from Kingston Engineering College will be well equipped to meet the challenges of the global market, equipped with more technical and professional knowledge. Providing right education at the right time with right infrastructure and right academicians was the core objective of DURAI MURUGAN EDUCATIONAL TRUST and Kingston Engineering College, since its inception has striven to live up to its motto of setting standards in Educational Excellence. I personally welcome you ALL and I wish you ALL THE BEST for your career success in KINGSTON ENGINEERING COLLEGE.

With warm regards,