Business Administration

MBA’s are very productive and play vital role in Producing a large number of industry captains, wealth creators, renowned entrepreneurs, top-rated management academicians and leaders spear heading social causes and working with the underprivileged and the needy.

The program main objective is to develop young men and women into competent professional managers, capable of working in any sector of organized activity, proceeding leadership and achieving excellence in performance while contributing to the welfare of the larger society, Equip students with the required conceptual and interpersonal skills and sense of social purpose for managerial decision-making, develop leadership capabilities to act as change agents and be a source of motivation in the organizations they work in, nurture the desire to excel in performance without compromising integrity.

honesty and fairness through high-impact pedagogical methods, helps the students to develop themselves into top-quality decision makers, conceptual foundations and interpersonal and social skills, built on values of honesty, integrity and a sense of fairness. The students learn to think through managerial issues and decisions in complex, less-structured situations in holistic and multi-disciplinary perspectives to generate and evaluate alternatives and arrive at innovative solutions. In-class discussions, group preparation and presentations, field research and project work prepare the students to meet the challenges of the managerial profession. Different co-curricular and extracurricular activities organized by the students themselves sharpen their organizing abilities, nurture their leadership qualities and polish their social skills.

The Department has excellent infrastructure including an air conditioned seminar hall equipped with LCD projectors and computer with internet facility. Students have access to many books, Management Journals and Magazines in the library. Dedicated campus- wide computer with internet facility provides the opportunity to every student to be in touch with the latest in the information age.